Illinois basketball is currently winning the Great Transfer Portal War

It has been a wild ride thus far, and as of right now, the Illinois basketball team is winning the Great Transfer Portal War
Illinois v Wisconsin
Illinois v Wisconsin / John Fisher/GettyImages

Illinois basketball is in the middle of the transfer portal wars, and as of right now, it looks like we are winning.

The Illini are competing with the roughly 362 other DI basketball programs for players who made themselves available this offseason. The transfer portal opened up, and Brad Underwood has not been shy.

Illinois has only lost two players thus far to the transfer portal. Dain Dainja entered almost immediately after the season concluded. He is now with Memphis. The other departure was Sencire Harris. He entered the transfer portal on April 15.

It is everyone’s assumption right now that Harris will follow former Illini assistant coach and player Chester Frazier to his new job at West Virginia. It is also being reported by Dante Furco of Fox Illinois that Frazier’s departure will cause a domino effect. So, expect more departures coming down the pipeline.

With that being said, Illinois has been battling in the transfer portal wars. While two players have departed, Underwood is fighting back and landing talented players of his own.

As of right now, Illinois has three transfer portal additions this offseason. Jake Davis out of Mercer, Tre White out of Louisville, and the most recent addition in Arizona’s Kylan Boswell.

These three incoming transfer portal players won’t just help solidify what should be a talented roster in 2024-25, but at this moment, Illinois sits with the No. 1 transfer portal ranking in the country. We are just ahead of UCLA, Memphis, Kansas, and Ohio State.

Illinois basketball is in the middle of the transfer portal war, and I am here for it

Listen, I hate losing players to the transfer portal. Much like a lot of you, I like consistency and a routine. Just a half-decade ago, we were used to seeing players play two, three or even four years with a program.

Those days are over.

That is just the harsh reality of everything. Once you let that soak in and the quicker you get used to the roster turnover every season, the happier you will be. That is the spot I am in right now.

I am going to miss Dainja and his athletic ability. I was really hoping Harris would be a great defensive stopper and someone who could see an uptick in offensive production. I am going to miss the next transfer as well. Thankfully, the Illinois coaching staff isn’t in that frame of mind.

Illinois’ coaches have a complete next-man-up mentality, and I love every second of it. If there isn’t a next player waiting in the wings, the coaches are going out and finding the player.

And what is great about Underwood and the current coaching staff is the fact we aren’t done. While there might be other departures, you better believe there will be more additions. Dante Maddox Jr., Carey Booth, and AJ Storr remember those names. They are the top priority right now.

This isn’t 1999. This isn’t 2009. This isn’t even 2019. We are in the year 2024, and every team in college basketball is in the middle of the Great Transfer Portal War. Thankfully, General Underwood is leading us into battle.

Dante Maddox Jr. continues to lead Illinois basketball transfer portal wish list. dark. Next. Dante Maddox Jr. continues to lead Illinois basketball transfer portal wish list