Top 5 teams Brad Underwood has dominated with the Illinois basketball program

Brad Underwood has had tremendous success with the Illinois basketball team, but he has dominated some teams more than others
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Michigan Wolverines – 8-2 overall (80% winning rate)

The biggest surprise of them all considering how good Michigan was at one time is how well Brad Underwood had fared against the Wolverines. He has absolutely dominated this rivalry.

Michigan used to be a scary team for Illinois to play. We had so much trouble with them before Underwood took over. Since he entered the picture, this series has been massively lopsided.

Since Underwood became the coach of Illinois, we are 8-2 against the Wolverines. The first two games Underwood coached against Michigan didn’t go our way either. We actually dropped the first two contests by a score of 79-69.

You know what that means. Illinois is 8-0 in the last eight games against Michigan. That is right. We are on an eight-game winning streak, and it has been complete dominance in this time.

In the eight-game winning streak, Illinois has beaten Michigan by double-digit points four times. We are beating the Wolverines by an average of 13.1 points per game as well.

The biggest blowout win in the series came in the most recent game. Illinois welcomed in Michigan back in February, and we sent them home with a 29-point thrashing. It was an ugly game from the jump, and it was one of the games that helped propel us to an Elite 8 run.

This has been a surprising dominance by the Illini. Underwood has tore apart what was a once great Michigan program with an 80% winning rate against the Wolverines.