Top 5 teams Brad Underwood has dominated with the Illinois basketball program

Brad Underwood has had tremendous success with the Illinois basketball team, but he has dominated some teams more than others
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Minnesota Golden Gophers – 8-2 overall (80% winning rate)

It has been really fun to watch Illinois truck Minnesota over the past half-decade or so. Since Brad Underwood became the coach of the Illini, this has been an ugly series.

I will hand the Golden Gophers this, they haven’t been a good program in quite some time. So, it isn’t completely fair that I put them on this list, but this type of dominance has to be noted.

Underwood is 8-2 against Minnesota while at the helm in Champaign. The crazy part about that 8-2 record is the fact that he lost two out of the first three games against the Golden Gophers.

If you are calculating at home, that means Underwood is currently on a seven-game winning streak against Minnesota. It has been a streak of dominance that is unmatched right now for the great head coach.

In the eight wins, Illinois is beating Minnesota by an average of 18.9 points per game. This includes four wins by 20 or more points.

Illinois has scored at least 76 points in the last six wins against the Golden Gophers. We have also hit the 92-point mark in three out of those six games, which includes the most recent win where Illinois put up 105 points.

Playing 10 games against a team and winning 80% of the time is an impressive feat for any coach. Underwood has accomplished this number against a bad Golden Gophers program.