Top 5 teams Brad Underwood has dominated with the Illinois basketball program

Brad Underwood has had tremendous success with the Illinois basketball team, but he has dominated some teams more than others
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Rutgers Scarlet Knights – 9-3 overall (75% winning rate)

It is hard to imagine that there are four other teams Brad Underwood has beaten at a higher rate than Northwestern, but Rutgers lands in this category. Underwood has completely dominated the Scarlet Knights during his time at Illinois.

From the jump, Illinois was able to take down Rutgers early and often. Even in the ugly first couple of seasons of the Underwood era, we were dominating this team.

Illinois is 9-3 against Rutgers with Underwood at the helm. He started his Illini career off with four straight wins against the Scarlet Knights as well.

The nine wins for Underwood against Rutgers have been mostly dominant. There have only been two close wins, and those two wins were early on in his coaching time with the program. In the nine victories over the Scarlet Knights, Illinois is winning by an average of 17.7 points per game.

Underwood’s dominance over Rutgers hasn’t slowed down either. He has now won three straight in the series. The last two wins were by an average of 20.5 points per game, which includes the most recent victory, 86-63.

Illinois has steamrolled Rutgers since Underwood took over the program. We have a 75% winning rate, and even with Rutgers bringing in some solid recruiting talent, I don’t think that dominance will stop anytime soon.