Top 3 transfer portal spots for former Illinois basketball forward Coleman Hawkins

Coleman Hawkins isn't coming back to the Illinois basketball team, but what program is going to land him out of the transfer portal
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Arizona Wildcats

There are plenty of schools that have money, but there are only a handful that I believe put most of the focus on the basketball team. I mentioned two of those programs in the first two slides. I think the Arizona Wildcats could be another option.

Arizona has done a lot of winning in the last few years, and they could always use someone like Hawkins. They have the deep pockets to get it done too, as basketball is their top priority.

There is plenty of room on the roster when it comes to playing time and development. The Wildcats brought in three new transfer portal players, but none of them would take up Hawkins’ playing time. Tobe Awaka is more of a traditional undersized center.

Arizona also lost four players to the transfer portal, one being Kylan Boswell who is now with Illinois. They also lost their starting center, Oumar Ballo. He logged 25.9 minutes per game last season and was second on the team in scoring with 12.9 points per game and first on the team in rebounds with 10.1 rebounds per contest.

I could see Arizona being a good landing spot for Hawkins due to its location too. He is from the West Coast, so landing in Arizona seems like a logical move.

Tommy Lloyd needs more depth in the frontcourt, and Hawkins would be a perfect answer. He can run and shoot. I see Hawkins starting from day one in the Wildcats’ offense.

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