Top 3 transfer portal spots for former Illinois basketball forward Coleman Hawkins

Coleman Hawkins isn't coming back to the Illinois basketball team, but what program is going to land him out of the transfer portal
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Duke Blue Devils

When I mapped out which programs would be the best fit for Coleman Hawkins, I looked at what teams have a ton of money and really focused on basketball more than any other sport.

I think the Duke Blue Devils fit that mold. Duke has other sports they care about, but let’s not get things mixed up here. This school is about basketball through and through.

Duke has a lot of money to dump into transfer portal players, and they would be smart to go out and get someone like Hawkins.

The Blue Devils are also losing a big piece of their 2023-24 team. Kyle Filipowski is projected to be a first-round NBA Draft pick. He is a big man who can move well, and he was starting to develop his three-point shot. His game was somewhat similar to that of Hawkins.

Obviously, the financial element is there with Duke. Hawkins would still be able to cash in. But I think the Blue Devils would give him more chances to develop on the court than Arkansas.

In addition to Filipowski heading to the NBA, Duke also had seven players transfer out of the program. Among these seven were three players who were at least 6-foot-9. Duke needs more depth in the frontcourt.

Hawkins would come into the Blue Devils program and start from day one. He would fit well with what Duke would want to do on the court too.