Projected Illinois basketball lineup with the addition of Kasparas Jakucionis

It was a great Tuesday morning, as the Illinois basketball team has landed a big-time guard for 2024
Illinois v Iowa State
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No. 2 Guard

Starter: Kylan Boswell

One of the things I love most about Kylan Boswell is the fact he can play and dominate at multiple positions. If Brad Underwood needed him to be a primary ball-handler and distribute most of the time, then Boswell could do that. But I think Illinois is going to need Boswell’s shooting more than anything.

Boswell averaged 9.6 points, 3.6 assists, and 2.3 rebounds per game last season with Arizona. In his last two seasons, he hit 39.0% and 37.9% from three-point range as well. This kid has all of the tools in the toolbox to become an All-American. I see him being our Deron Williams. While Dee Brown handled the ball, Williams did a little bit of everything and made the engine run. Boswell can do that as the starting No. 2 guard.

Backup: Kasparas Jakucionis

The man of the hour is Kasparas Jakucionis. Illinois was able to land the Lithuania guard on Tuesday, and he will provide great depth for the Orange and Blue this season and into the future.

I was originally thinking Jakucionis had a starting job, but after looking at the roster and the talent Underwood brought in this offseason, I think this kid is best suited as the primary backup at the No. 2 guard spot. He is similar to Boswell in that he can do everything on the court. Jakucionis can distribute and also hit shots from all levels on the court. He gives Illinois some great young depth in the backcourt.