Projected Illinois basketball lineup after the commitment of Will Riley

It was a great day for the Illinois basketball program after Will Riley decided Champaign was his new home
Illinois v Michigan State
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No. 3 Guard

Starter: Tre White (JR)

Brad Underwood needed more slashers for the 2024-25 roster, and that is what he went out and got with Tre White. White enters the Illinois basketball program after spending his freshman season with USC and his sophomore year with Louisville.

I would be shocked if White didn’t start for the Illini in year one. He averaged 12.3 points, 5.9 rebounds, and 1.3 assists per game last season. He has also started 55 out of 62 games since coming to college. I have White starting for Illinois at the No. 3 spot. He is going to be a nice wing and someone who can get to the rim for the program.

Backup: Ben Humrichous (GR)

I am impressed with Illinois’ starters for next season, but let’s not sleep on the second unit. This could arguably be one of the best second units I have ever seen in program history. When you have someone like Ben Humrichous coming off the bench, you know you have a talented roster.

I have Humrichous being the primary backup at the No. 3 spot for the Illini. He has a chance to play the Luke Goode role, as he could come in and give us good defensive effort and tremendous three-point shooting. Humrichous hit 41.4% from three-point range last season with Evansville.

Backup: Jake Davis (SO)

The depth for Illinois gets even dirtier with Jake Davis being another backup. Davis is a transfer from Mercer who had a great freshman campaign.

As a freshman, Davis averaged 9.0 points, 4.5 rebounds, and 1.1 assists per game. He also hit 38.7% from three-point range. Look for Davis to get decent playing time next season as a reserve. He might not be one of the first players off the bench, but he is crucial to the future of the program.