Projected Illinois basketball lineup after adding Jake Davis and losing Dain Dainja

Illinois basketball had a couple of changes to the roster on Monday, so a new projected Illini lineup for the 2024-25 season had to be published.
Mar 23, 2024; Omaha, NE, USA; Illinois Fighting Illini head coach Brad Underwood reacts during the
Mar 23, 2024; Omaha, NE, USA; Illinois Fighting Illini head coach Brad Underwood reacts during the / Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports
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No. 3 Guard

Starter: Luke Goode (SR)

Illinois needs shooting for the 2024-25 campaign, and Luke Goode will be a big part of that scoring barrage. He is a knockdown three-point shooter who can shock you with his athletic ability and radar for the basketball.

I have Goode starting at the No. 3 guard spot for the Illini next season. He averaged 5.7 points and 3.6 rebounds per game as a junior, but those numbers only tell a little bit of the story. Goode hit his three-point shots at a clip of 38.9%. That is a great number. Goode’s rebounding is also pretty special, as he usually plays out on the perimeter. This kid has heart, and he is going to be a big-time player for this program in his final season.

Backup: Jake Davis (SO)

The big get for the Illinois basketball program on Monday was the addition of Jake Davis. He announced his plans to transfer in from Mercer where he spent his freshman season.

Davis is from Cathedral High School in Indiana. He is another Indiana player Illinois has been able to land, joining Goode and Dra Gibbs-Lawhorn. This team is building solid depth from the Hoosier State, and Davis is no exception. He averaged 9.0 points, 4.5 rebounds, and 1.1 assists per game as a freshman. Davis also shot an eye-popping 155 three-point attempts and made them at a clip of 38.7%. I have Davis coming into the program and being the primary backup at the No. 3 guard spot. He will be in the first wave of players off the bench for the Illini.

Backup: Sencire Harris (SO)

I am kind of lost on where to put Sencire Harris right now. He is a good player who took a redshirt this past season to save a year of eligibility. I think he is a great defensive player who could help the second unit shut teams down.

I could realistically see Harris coming in and playing multiple roles for the Illini. He could be like Gibbs-Lawhorn but the defensive version. Harris has a spot on this team, but he could be more of a utility player next season. For now, I have him slotted as the second backup at the No. 3 spot.