Illinois Basketball: How the Illini lineup should look against Northwestern

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No. 3 Forward/Guard - Marcus Domask

I am in a love-hate relationship with Marcus Domask. There are times when I think he is doing some great things for the Illini, but then there are times when he frustrates me.

If you look at Domask’s season offensively, he is having a bad year. He had two great games, and beyond that, he is playing some terrible basketball. In the last four games alone, Domask is shooing 2-of-22, 9%, from three-point range and 12-of-40, 30%, from the field.

But, thankfully, Domask does more than just score points. If he wasn’t good at other things, Domask wouldn’t see time. This kid is able to stat-stuff, though.

Against Fairleigh Dickinson, Domask led the Illini with 11 assists. He also had four rebounds, two blocks, and one steal. He got to the free throw line and knocked down 6-of-7.

Domask has the ability to really help the Illinois basketball team run well. That is why I want to leave him in the starting lineup. He isn’t on the court for scoring, although he takes plenty of shots, but Domask is more of a strong utility guy who forms into whatever the Illini needs him to be in every game.

I would also argue, that while Domask isn’t hitting shots, he is always a threat. The fact he pops out on the three-point arc makes a defender cover him. This opens the lane for other Illini to cut and drive to the basket. Domask is valuable despite his bad shooting.