Illinois basketball F Coleman Hawkins makes good career move entering transfer portal

I didn't think it was going to happen, but Illinois basketball forward Coleman Hawkins is in the transfer portal
Illinois v Iowa State
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The transfer portal got a little more interesting for the Illinois basketball team just a couple of days ago.

At this point in the offseason, the Illini have done a decent job filling holes left by departing players. We had five players leave the program via the transfer portal, but Brad Underwood was able to bring five new faces in as well.

The deadline to declare for the transfer portal was on May 1. Just a day earlier, on April 30, Illinois fans got some startling news. Longtime Illini and future NBA hopefully, Coleman Hawkins, announced that he was entering the transfer portal.

Entering the transfer portal is a smart move for Illinois basketball forward Coleman Hawkins

Just the fact Hawkins is entering the transfer portal makes me uneasy. He has been with the Illini for four years now, and Hawkins is coming off his best season where he helped lead us to the Elite 8.

At the end of the day, this is the smartest move for Hawkins. He now has all the options on the table. Hawkins is thinking about himself and his future, which is exactly what he should be doing.

I fully believe Hawkins is going to go through the NBA Draft process and remain in the draft. I said that last season, and he pulled his name out, but this year feels different. He even mentions that he is, “…100% to stay in the draft…”

Entering the transfer portal gives Hawkins the ability to not only return to the college ranks, but he can now choose where he wants to go. If the Illinois roster is full, if the money isn’t right, or if he isn’t vibing with what the coaching staff is doing, Hawkins can now decide the best route for his future.

As an Illinois fan, yes it makes me uneasy. The thought of Hawkins in another team’s jersey makes me nauseous. I couldn’t even imagine if that other team was an in-state or Big Ten rival.

But we have to step back and see what is happening in this situation. Hawkins is doing what is best for his career and life. He now has all the options on the table.

Projected Illinois basketball lineup with transfer portal addition of Ben Humrichous. Projected Illinois basketball lineup with transfer portal addition of Ben Humrichous. dark. Next