5 huge questions for the Illinois basketball team against Michigan

Illinois basketball is at a bit of a crossroads when it comes to the 2023-24 season. On Tuesday, a wounded Michigan team comes to town, and this is a great chance for the Illini to get back on the wagon.
Illinois v Michigan State
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5. Will this be a get-right game for Illinois?

Again, piggybacking off the previous slide, Illinois isn’t playing well right now. The team looks disjointed, and it has shown on the floor quite a bit.

There are a few ways to get Illinois looking good once again. Playing at home is a big way to get the team playing well. I also believe going up against a bad team is another great remedy.

So, I am going to be watching the game on Tuesday to see if the Illini can come out and look good. Can Illinois make the game against Michigan a get-right game?

In the first game between the two teams, Illinois took it to Michigan. The Illini pummeled the Wolverines by a score of 88-73 in Ann Arbor. This was the best Illinois had looked in a while, and I thought it could have been a turning point in the season.

Illinois is a different team right now, though. Terrence Shannon Jr. didn’t play in that last matchup, and Illinois is coming off two ugly games, an overtime win over Nebraska and an eight-point loss to Michigan State.

The Illini are back home against a bad Michigan team, though. This is a chance to not only get another Big Ten win, but it is a chance to instill confidence in the team and the fanbase.

I honestly believe this is a crossroads game on Tuesday night. If Illinois comes out and struggles, it might be time to start looking at the panic button. I am not saying hit it, but keep in mind where the panic button is. Dust it off, if you will.

I need to see a double-digit victory where Illinois has control for much of the game. This is the worst Wolverines bunch I have seen in years. On Tuesday, the Illini need a get-right game against Michigan.

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