5 huge questions for the Illinois basketball team against Maryland

Nebraska v Illinois
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5. Can Quincy Guerrier give Illinois more?

The fact Terrence Shannon Jr. will be back for this Maryland matchup is exciting. That is another body we have that we didn’t have the last time.

Shannon draws a lot of attention, so hopefully, Quincy Guerrier will also be there on Saturday. While he played in the first matchup, Guerrier was pretty absent when it came to trying to get the win.

I need to see Guerrier play well against Maryland. Can he give Illinois more on the court?

It was a pretty brutal performance by Guerrier back in January. The fifth-year senior only had seven points and five rebounds on 2-of-10 shooting from the floor and 1-of-4 from three-point range. He registered the third-most minutes but only produce seven points. That is not a good combination for winning.

Guerrier has started to snap out of his funk lately. He has two double-digit scoring nights in the last three games. The first game against Maryland was his third-worst shooting night of the season. Hitting 20% from the field is not usual for him.

I expect Guerrier to have a decent game against Maryland. I am not looking for massive numbers, but he should be around double-digits in points and rebounds. That is what I expect out of him in every game.

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