5 huge questions for the Illinois basketball team against Maryland

Nebraska v Illinois
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3. What difference will Terrence Shannon Jr. make?

It has been a weird road back with Terrence Shannon Jr. He was charged with rape and is currently awaiting his preliminary hearing on those charges, which will take place in May. He was then suspended but won the hearing that allowed him to rejoin the team.

Shannon rejoining the Illini wasn’t easy. The team looked disjointed at times, but the team is starting to come around. Shannon looked great against Michigan in the 29-point blowout just days ago.

On Saturday, I am going to be keeping an eye on Shannon and the difference he makes for the Illini. How big of an impact will Shannon have against Maryland?

Shannon is going to make an impact on the game, regardless if it is good or bad. The bad Shannon is jacking up three-pointers late in the shot clock and not driving with a purpose. So, if we get that Shannon, it will be the same result as the first game; a loss.

But if Illinois can get the Shannon we saw against Michigan, Illinois will not only get another road win, but we will be a national title-contending team.

Illinois didn’t have Shannon in the first game against Maryland. When the game started to slip away, we didn’t have someone who could get to the free throw line or change momentum. Shannon is good at both of those things. Shannon will make an impact, but will his presence be the difference in Illinois coming away with the win is the big question.