5 crucial positions Illinois football needs to address in the transfer portal

We are still a few months out from the 2024 season, but the Illinois football team needs to address some issues on the roster in the transfer portal
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Offensive Tackle

I have offensive tackle on the list of positions that I would like to see Illinois address in the transfer portal, but the funny thing is, our starting offensive tackles are both from the transfer portal.

JC Davis was arguably one of the biggest transfer portal additions by any team in the country. He is going to be locked into that starting left tackle position in 2024. I then have incoming transfer portal tackle Melvin Priestly starting at right tackle.

Honestly, I think this is the most comfortable I have been when it comes to Illinois’ starting tackles entering a season. The coaching staff did a good job landing these two transfer portal talents. But behind them is the main issue.

I don’t like Illinois’ depth at offensive tackle. Davis and Priestly are going to need rest at some point or one might get nipped with an injury. That means Illinois is going to need some type of depth.

Brandon Henderson and Magnus Moller are the two I have tabbed as primary backups at offensive tackle. I like them both, but they are unproven. There is no experience in the second rotation, and that makes me nervous.

Illinois would be served well if we could go out and get a solid transfer portal offensive tackle. Someone who can come in and the drop off isn’t huge.