Illinois Basketball: Hunter Dickinson hates the Illini and I love it

Hunter Dickinson says that Illinois basketball fans are an annoying bunch.

On Thursday, Eamonn Brennan of The Athletic tweeted out a quote from Michigan big man Hunter Dickinson during Big Ten Media Day. The tweeted quote reads…

“Illinois fans are pretty annoying, I’m not going to lie.”

Obviously, the comments section to the tweet is ugly. Illini fans are posting GIFs and Michigan fans are replying with either GIFs or to insult us about our lack of national titles.

Dickinson’s hate for the Illinois basketball program and the fans is good for the game.

When I see a quote like this from Dickinson, it makes me happy. I want him to hate the Illini. I want him to hate the fans. The only reason he hates us is that we are a threat to him.

Dickinson is an extremely talented player. Honestly, he is one of the best big men I have seen in the Big Ten in quite some time. But, for that one cold Tuesday night in March, Illinois got the best of Dickinson, and we have been living in his head ever since.

Here are the facts from last season. Illinois beat Michigan by 23 points in the lone regular-season matchup. When the final horn blew, Dickinson ended the night with 6 points, 5 rebounds, 2 steals, 3 fouls, and shot 1-of-8 from the field. That is 12.5% for those keeping track at home.

Dickinson’s 12.5% from the field was his lowest shooting percentage all season. His six points were the second-lowest total of the season. His five rebounds were the sixth-lowest total of the season. His field goals made in the game were the lowest for him that season.

Those are facts.

Ever since that game, Dickinson has hated the Illini. This isn’t the first quote that he has dropped about his disdain for the Orange and Blue.

Back in August, Wolverine Corner tweeted out a quote from Dickinson that read…

“You can quote me on this…..nobody in the Big Ten, and I mean nobody likes Illinois.”

So, if this was just one quote and done, then I would say Dickinson just doesn’t really care for us. But every chance he gets, he is taking a shot at the Illini fans and the team.

With that being said, I am glad Dickinson hates us. I want that hate. It makes the game of college basketball better. It is also going to make January 14 and February 27 two of the biggest games on the calendar. Give me the hate all day long.