Illinois Football: Illini parents seek answers with letter

Parents of the Illinois football program have demanded answers by drafting a letter to the Big Ten Commissioner, University of Illinois President, and the University’s Chancellor.

Not even a week after releasing the schedule for the 2020-2021 football season, the Big Ten announced it would be canceling its fall season. This left many upset and confused.

Last week, Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields launched a petition requesting the Big Ten to reinstate the 2020 fall season. Yesterday, it was reported that many parents from various schools around the Big Ten would go directly to the conference headquarters, located in Chicago, to seek immediate answers.

Today, parents from the University of Illinois also decided to take action.

247sports reports that Illini parents have drafted a letter regarding their concerns on the Big Ten’s decision to cancel the 2020 fall season.  This letter is directed to Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren, University of Illinois President Tim Killeen, and University of Illinois Chancellor Robert Jones.

The Herald and Review reportedly have obtained a copy of the letter.

The parents want to know what triggered the conference to cancel the season, despite the proper precautions the Illinois football team has put into place, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Illini have created a “safe bubble” environment and have been saliva testing its players, coaches, and staff every day since June.

The parents additionally expressed their frustration in regards to the University failing to listen to the voices and input of the Illini players.

“We also believe the Big Ten and University Presidents failed to gather input personally from any University of Illinois football player,” the letter reads.

The parents believe the decision to cancel the season was “premature and made in haste”.

The final paragraph in the letter questions why Commissioner Warren is allowing his son to play football at Mississippi State, but won’t allow the Big Ten to play its season.  The parents deem this sequence “unfair”.

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Kevin Warren, Robert Jones, and Tim Killeen all owe the Big Ten players, coaches, staff, and fans an explanation. The parents are demanding one immediately.

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