Illinois Football: Illini offer 2021 defensive end Miles Capers

The Illinois football team pinpointed another talented recruit that they want for 2021 on Wednesday evening.

Illinois’ defense took a huge step forward last season as they went from one of the worst in the nation to a solid, competitive, group. Lovie Smith wants to keep that strong defense going and the only way to do that is to land the players he wants on that side of the ball. That is why the Illini offered Miles Capers on Wednesday.

Capers is a 6-foot-5, 220-pound weak-side defensive end from Sumter High School and resides in Sumter, South Carolina. He is rated as a three-star recruit who is the No. 1666 player in the class of 2021 and the No. 88 weak-side defensive end in the nation. He is also the No. 28 player in the state of South Carolina.

For being a sub-1500 player, Capers has a lot of recruiting attention. It shocks me that the recruiting rankings have him that low. In addition to the Illini offer, Capers has received offers from Indiana, Mississippi State, Tennessee and Missouri. Look for more to come for the talented end as well.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Capers has so many offers. This kid brings a lot of talent to the field. I want to first start off with his speed. Capers is leaner than most defensive ends, so his speed off the line is incredible. I can’t even imagine this kid with a college-level training staff. He is going to be a monster.

The ability to keep contain is another thing that stands out to me. While Capers has all of the physical gifts you would want in a player, he also has a level head to go with it. He can read the offense and react. He isn’t just a downhill player. I love that about defensive ends.

Where would Capers fit in on the Illinois roster?

Illinois currently has a lot of young depth at defensive end. The class of 2019 brought in some really talented players, some of who had a chance to cut their teeth in year one but some also redshirted.

I look for Capers to redshirt year one. This will give him time to get some more muscle and to develop into his large frame. By 2022, I see him being a solid backup for this team. He will then move into a starting role by his sophomore year with the program.

I love this offer by the Illini. Capers clearly has the frame to be a talented pass rusher. Hopefully, we can get in the mix for the kid and eventually add him to the class of 2021.