Illinois Football: Illini target Bunchie Young in Super Bowl commercial

I have always said the Illinois football coaching staff is one of the hardest working group of recruiters in the nation.

The Illini have been offering scholarships to kids at all levels since Lovie Smith took over the program. There are some recruits who are still being targeted for the class of 2020. National Signing Day is actually this Wednesday. But then there are some recruits Lovie and the coaching staff has jumped on early.

Let’s travel back to 2017. It was late June when news about a new Illinois offer came through the pipeline. It isn’t surprising to offer a player in the middle of the summer, but this offer was different. It was to superstar 10-year old Bunchie Young.

Young was touted as the best youth football player in the nation. He had speed and agility like a high school player yet he was still years away from entering those ranks. Illinois made headlines by being the first program to offer Young a scholarship. Well, Young is back in the news as of late.

Do you remember that Super Bowl commercial where the kid was playing football with his friends and then he kept running through the end zone? He ran through multiple cities with elite players – current and former – telling him to, “take it to the house”.  That kid would eventually end up running into the Super Bowl with his friends to hand the ball to the refs at mid-field.

Well, that kid is none other than Bunchie Young. Yes, that Bunchie Young who Illinois offered almost three years ago. His legacy as a great young youth football player continues to grow. He is gaining even more national spotlight with the NFL taking notice.

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Young is going to be entering the high school ranks, I believe this year. I wouldn’t be shocked to see this kid do some special things at every level he plays. It was a good, heartfelt, commercial that he was in on Super Bowl Sunday. Not only is he the best young player in the country, but he is also making the best commercials. The kid has it all.

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