Illinois Basketball: Five Illini Head Coach Options for 2017

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NCAA Basketball: Iowa State at Oklahoma
NCAA Basketball: Iowa State at Oklahoma /

Lon Kruger

One name that many Illinois fans are familiar with is Lon Kruger.  He started the Illini resurgence in the mid-1990’s and he could have a chance to do it again.

Kruger is the current head coach of the Oklahoma Sooners and after a pretty decent run things are starting to go south this season.

The Sooners record is 8-14 and maybe it is time for a fresh start.  But, it could be tough to pull him from that program because they just went to the Final Four last season.

I still think there is a possibility to snag Kruger, though.  He has a great history of coaching and he has coached in the NBA as well.

Kruger started coaching back in 1982 and quickly developed into one of the best.  He has 17 NCAA Tournament and 2 Final Four appearances in his career.

I also like how Kruger has coached at Illinois too.  He knows the state and was successful recruiting during his time with the Illini.

In the four years Kruger was with the Illinois program he made the postseason three times and advanced to the second round all three years.

If Illinois went after a coach like Kruger it would be good for the program.  He knows how to recruit the area well and he is a proven head coach.