Illinois Football: Spring Practice Offensive Line Depth Chart Breakdown


In 2016, the Illinois football offensive line was an issue.

This squad had some veteran leadership, but there were also some holes left as well.  Those holes will hopefully be fixed this season.

Heading into spring practice, the Illini still have a lot of work left to do and I honestly think the offensive line won’t be set once spring practice finishes up.

There are a handful of offensive linemen that could see some playing time from the class of 2017.  I wouldn’t doubt if a few of them compete for snaps.

Here is the spring practice offensive line depth chart.

Starter: T Christian DiLauro

There weren’t too many sure things for the Illinois football team in 2016, but there was always the guarantee of DiLauro starting at tackle.

DiLauro started all 12 of the Illinois games last season and has now started 31 straight games.  He is an important piece and of the best offensive linemen the Illini have.

Backup: T Adam Solomon

Solomon didn’t see much action last season, but he did play on special teams.  He might not see much playing time this year either, but it is always nice to have the extra depth.

Starter: G Darta Lee

Illinois had a few players that I wanted to see what they could do coming out of the class of 2016.  One of those players was Lee.

Lee played in six games his freshman season and he started two of those games.  He really developed nicely last season and I expect him to be a main staple in the offensive line this year as well.

Backup: G Zach Heath

Heath is a good offensive lineman that has potential to see some playing time as a backup.  He adds great depth to the line and that is something the Illini have been missing.

Starter: C Nick Allegretti

In every game last season Allegretti was a starter.  He started 11 games at guard and the other game at center.

In the game film I have watched, Allegretti struggled last season.   But, I look for him to take the next step and become a truly great offensive lineman for the Illini.

Backup: C Doug Kramer

Kramer was a true freshman last season and he will be around for years to come.  The fact that Lovie trusts him enough already to be the backup center means he has some talent.

Starter: G Jordan Fagan

The 2016 season didn’t go as planned for the Illini but it did help get some players more experience.  Fagan was one of those players who had a chance to play more.

Fagan played in seven games last season and got a start in one.  He will be looked at as the starter heading into spring practice as well.

Backup: G Jake Cerny

Another member of the class of 2016 that is part of the offensive line is Jake Cerny.  He brings youth to the offensive line and hopefully Lovie and the coaching staff can mold him into a starter.

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Starter: T Gabe Megginson

Megginson had a pretty rough year in 2016.  He played in ten games with seven starts, but there were many times he would struggle to pick up defenses.

As a prized recruit from the class of 2015, I expect Megginson to make a jump this season and become one of the best offensive linemen for the Illini.

Backup: T Howard Watkins

The class of 2017 is bringing in some good offensive line help.  Watkins is from that class and enrolled early for the Illini.

I expect Watkins to come in and compete day one.  He is a talented player who has an extremely bright future.