Illinois Basketball: Top 10 Games Every Illini Fan Wishes to Attend

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The history of the Illinois basketball team has brought many joyous occasions.

As a fan of the Illini, I wish I could have attended some of the best games in Illinois history.  There have been buzzer beaters and miracle comebacks that are legendary in college basketball.

Illinois has a long history of talented players coming through the program as well.  Most of these talented players are the reason we have such great moments.

I have compiled a list of ten games that all Illinois fans would have wanted to see live.  But, the years are spread out so I doubt many had the chance.

There are some games that Illinois won at the last second that I am missing.  There were some records that were broken that I left out.

I can still remember the Illini coming back in games or winning games on a last second shot that really got me excited.  Those games will always live on in my heart.

But, these games I have listed are the top ten that I would have wanted to see.

Here are ten games any Illinois fan should wish they had seen in their lifetime.

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