Illinois Football: Illini Make Top 5 For Jordan Hill

The Illinois football team has been focusing on the offense a lot when it comes to recruiting for the future.

Illinois already has a quarterback, two wide receivers, and a running back committed for the class of 2017.

The Illini might be adding another wide receiver to that mix.

It was announced via Twitter on Thursday by wide receiver Jordan Hill that Illinois made his top 5 list.

The top 5 programs that Hill is deciding between are Bowling Green, Colorado State, Kansas, Fresno State, and Illinois.

Hill is a 3-star recruit that is ranked as the 1,414th best player in the nation and the 194th best player in the state of Texas.

The fact that Hill is ranked so low doesn’t worry me.  He plays in Texas and the fact that the state is so big; players can get lost and not ranked correctly.

Hill plays a lot in the slot wide receiver position.  He seems to be effective in that role as well.

One of the things I liked about Hill is the way he runs and sees the field.  He isn’t blazing quick but he glides around the field.  Before the defender knows it, Hill is already ten yards past going in for the score.

The field vision Hill possess is another asset.  When he is running with the ball he can see where blockers will be and where there will be open holes before they happen.  This is extremely useful for the yards after catch stat.

One area that needs work on is Hill’s route running.  This can be fixed with good coaching from wide receivers coach Andrew Hayes-Stoker, but right now Hill’s route running needs some work.

Illinois is currently set at the wide receiver position.  They will have Zach Grant, Justin Hardee, and Dionte Taylor all graduate after this season.

This doesn’t leave a ton of room for Hill in 2017.  He will be behind some pretty solid talent, but I don’t think he would compete year one anyways.  He needs to sit and watch how the college level is played.

But, I think Hill is going to be greatly beneficial down the road.  He might be able to make an impact in the slot come 2018 or 2019.

There is no doubt Illinois is going to have a good offense for years to come.  Adding Hill would help the Illini have one of the deepest wide receiver cores in the Big Ten.