Illinois Football: Why Not Lane Kiffin as the Next Head Coach?

The coaching search for the Illinois football team will continue on throughout the 2015 season.  They will look at multiple candidates and then come to a final decision.  So, why not choose Lane Kiffin?

Okay, I know this sounds a bit farfetched, but let me explain my reasoning.

Kiffin is currently the offensive coordinator down at Alabama.  Since he was introduced to the Crimson Tide fan base and the world as the next genius that would make Alabama unstoppable, it hasn’t been working out so well.

Alabama lost in the inaugural College Football Playoff in 2015 to the Ohio State Buckeyes.  They are a Big Ten team and the narrative for the past decade has been that the Big Ten is weak and can’t play football anymore.

This loss was devastating for the Crimson Tide and their image as a dominating force.  That wounded puppy dog crossed over into the 2015 season as well.

Alabama has started 2-1 this season and already has a loss in their conference.  Things are not trending upwards for a once great program and it is time to jump ship.

That is going to be the mindset of Kiffin.  He is going to bolt after this season because the ship is sinking and he doesn’t want to be on it when it is finally submerged.

The newest rumors are also just another step towards the door leading out of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  It is rumored that Kiffin has had extramarital affairs with Saban’s daughter.  There are also rumors Kiffin might get fired because of it.

Now none of this is confirmed, but with many things in the media, there are two options this could be.

Dec 6, 2014; Atlanta, GA, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin is shown from the sidelines against Missouri in the first quarter of the 2014 SEC Championship at the Georgia Dome. Alabama beat Missouri 42-13. Mandatory Credit: Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Option one, this is a case of where there is smoke there is fire.  We will eventually find out if the rumors are true or not.

The second option is this rumor could be started to get Kiffin out of the program.  If everything was so hunky-dory with the Alabama program and they started off 3-0 I don’t think we hear any of these rumors.

There are a lot of avenues for Kiffin to become a free agent in the college coaching ranks.  This could be a perfect opportunity for Illinois to jump on a well-known coach.

If he does come available, should Illinois even approach the subject?

Illinois football and their athletics as a whole have had some troubles recently.  It is well documented what the football team has specifically gone through.  This might be a sign that Illinois would need to go in a more conservative direction with their next coach.

This is all hypothetical considering the interim head coach Bill Cubit may still get the job.

Kiffin is undoubtedly an intriguing option for the Illinois football team.  I would be happy if they decided to bring him in next season.  He has charisma, recruiting ability, and experience.

I don’t think anything happens until next season though.  All I hope is that Illinois decides on a coach that will stabilize the program and lead us to more and more victories.