Dec 1, 2012; Atlanta, GA, USA; Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Aaron Murray (11) call signals at the line of scrimmage against the Alabama Crimson Tide during the third quarter in the 2012 SEC Championship game at the Georgia Dome. Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

BCS Rankings Reaction: Georgia Gets Snubbed From BCS Bowl Game

The Georgia Bulldogs came into their SEC championship game against Alabama with a national title on the line. Georgia played a very good game against Alabama, but could not get the win. The Bulldogs’ title dreams were smashed as time expired after Chris Conley could not get out of bounds after catching a pass from Aaron Murray.

After their four-point loss on Saturday, Georgia fell from #3 to #7 in the BCS Rankings and will not play in a BCS bowl game this season. How is this possible? They played a tough and hard-fought game against Alabama on Saturday and they deserve to play in a BCS bowl game.

Some people believe that Northern Illinois is the problem. Brian Spaen of the Autzen Zoo wrote an article titled, Northern Illinois Proves System is Flawed. Is NIU really the problem?

Their only loss was to Iowa by one point to open up the season. The Huskies are not the problem. They are this season’s Bosie State (at least people aren’t saying they should be in the BCS National Championship).

The problem is Louisville and the Big East conference.

In the BCS, the champion of the Big East is guaranteed a BCS bowl game against an At-Large team. The Big East conference is pretty pathetic. They should not be guaranteed a BCS bowl game. They had only two ranked teams this season and one of them is moving to the Big Ten.

Both Georgia and Louisville have two losses this season. Georgia lost against #6 South Carolina and #2 Alabama while Louisville lost to Syracuse and Connecticut. Are you serious? Georgia should be playing Florida in the Sugar Bowl and not Nebraska in the Capital One Bowl.

In this case, it should be about the better match-up. Which game would receive more attention? The answer is Florida vs Georgia. In their previous meeting this season, Georgia defeated #2 Florida, 17-9. Their rematch would be another great game much like their first meeting. It would definitely not be like last year’s BCS National Championship where the first meeting was better than the second meeting.

Georgia got snubbed from a BCS bowl game, but not because of Northern Illinois. They were snubbed by the BCS tie-ins. Florida will show us all that Louisville should not have been in the Sugar Bowl this season.

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  • David Hatfield

    First, the only team keeping Georgia out is Florida- a conference can only have 2 members in BCS bowls and Florida is guaranteed a spot by being in the top 4. Oklahoma would be the next eligible team that isn’t in the SEC or PAC 12. Second, the Big East isn’t the problem, it’s the Big Ten. The Big East’s champion is rated
    higher than the Big Ten’s, so by your logic, Wisconsin should be replaced by a
    more worthy team. Since the only good team in the Big Ten this year was Ohio State
    and since they are on probation, the league should forego the Rose Bowl and
    allow a more deserving team. I agree completely.

    • Ricky Widmer

      I would love to see Ohio State vs Stanford instead of Wisconsin vs Stanford.

  • Paul Pomykala

    NIU jumped through all the hoops that the BCS set up, not expecting a non-AQ to be able to do that. So for all the whiners out there, it isn’t NIU you should be complaining about, but the BCS rules committee.

    As for rematches, no one but fans of those teams want to see rematches. And no one but SEC fans want to see more SEC teams in bowl games, that conference is incredibly over rated.

    The whole BCS is a joke, it was set up to appoint a national champion, but even the NCAA doesn’t recognize the winner as a champion. There never has been a NCAA “FBS” or Div IA Champion. The voting is ridiculous, and the computer polls even more so (instead of 60 or so voters, there is only one and his opinion on how teams are supposed to be rated).

    The Sagarin poll for the last week shows just how silly it is. In Sagarin’s preferred methodology Alabama is ranked higher than ND, despite ND having both a better record and a more difficult schedule. I wonder about his strength of schedule formula also, of ND 12 opponents 9 are going to bowl games, and all were FBS schools. Yet their schedule is only a few ranks harder than Alabama’s, and Alabama played a 1-10 FCS school. Between that and the 5 worst conference teams (8 conference wins between them) Alabama was already bowl eligible without playing a single school that could challenge them. Of their three remaining conference games, one was 4-4 in conference, one beat them, and the other was 6-2. These 8 teams had only 5 non conference losses between them, which many will use to attest to the SECs greatness, but is more applicable to them playing the second weakest non conference schedule in college football.

  • cricko

    Paul: you must be right about SEC being so “incredibly over-rated” since 6 of the Top Ten are from there and the last 6 Champions are also. I guess you need to come-up with something better to set the ranking straight.